A few of my really good friends from BBDO/Proximity Minneapolis kicked out a fun new project for Aviva. It lets you donate your facebook status lending your voice to one of four charities in need. Here’s the full description:

Think about how many trivial status updates you see every time you’re on Facebook. Now imagine if for just one day they were all worth reading. Aviva life insurance and annuities is making it so for by asking people to donate a status update to one of four youth charities. Not only will that status lend the charity a voice; it’ll influence how much grant money they receive from Aviva.

Status for Youth is the first in an ongoing series of Youmanity programs designed to give people opportunities to affect humanity — proof that Aviva is a company that puts people before policies.

Visit Aviva USA on Facebook before August 30 to donate your status.



Agency: BBDO/Proximity Minneapolis
Exec. Creative Director: Brian Kroening
Creative Director: Ross Phernetton
Writer: Eric Hansen
Art Director: Brook Lorntson
Developer/Technical Director: Justin Mueller
Producer: Alicia Calderon
Video Editor: David Holmdahl

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