The 50th anniversary street windows went over really well with upper management so they asked me to expand the campaign to a 50th anniversary party including an invite, coasters, a gift for guests and event branding.

The letterpress coasters were originally ideated to be a small gift that came with the invite however they decided to just print them for the party. I printed those with my buddy Kent at the Nomadic Press in St. Paul. I can’t say enough good things about Nomadic. It’s a one man shop so you know that you’ll have an expert running you project from start to finish.

The image of the store below is an illustration of the first target store in Roseville that was taken from the original store opening ad. I love the small signs saying “DEPT. STORE” and “FOOD MART”. Also, I wonder if those are green houses in that blue area. Things have changed a lot in 50 years.

If you want to see more pictures check out this project over at my site right here.



Agency: Target iH
Sr. CD: Jason Langer
CD: Jon Baugh
Sr. Art Director: Allan Peters
Sr. Art Director: David Schwen
Writer: Maggie Harn
Model Photo: From the Target Fashion Blog



Event Shots – yeah that’s my girl Alicia:


On Press:





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