Want to hear my story? It’s a good one – I swear! Well if you do, there will be 11 chances coming up:

October 12th // The AIGA National Conference // MPLS // 11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. // The Badge Hunt

October 25th // AIGA Wichita // The Badge Hunt

November 9th // AIGA Houston // “The Inside Job” Conference // Keynote Speaker -The Badge Hunt + Workshop

November 21st // University of Minnesota // Dirty Laundry // The Badge Hunt (30 minute mini version)

January 23rd // SAA // Kettering Ohio // The Badge Hunt

Febuary 13th // Trek Bicycle + Design Madison // Madison // The Badge Hunt

Febuary 27th // Facebook // San Francisco // The Badge Hunt

March 13th // Internets (Webcast) // 11 tips for In-House Designers (free)

April 10th // Creative South // Columbus GA

April 29th // Disney – Yellow Shoes // The Badge Hunt

May 1st // AIGA Orlando // The Badge Hunt

This is a first for me. Like most people, I have always been intimidated by public speaking. This year I decided to face my fears so I quit saying no. I spoke on a panel to AIGA Minnesota students in April about getting jobs and also to the AIGA chapter in St Louis about Social Media. The lectures that I have scheduled in October will be the first time that I’ll be telling my story. On the 12th I’ll be speaking along side some of my design heroes like George Lois, Michael Bierut and Aaron Draplin so I know I’ll need to bring my “A” game. I’ve been working on my presentation until 2am every chance I get over the last few months and it’s almost finished. Check out the description:


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in at a boutique design agency? How about a huge marketing agency, or a global ad agency? What about working in-house for the best brand in the world? Allan Peters has tried them all and has survived to tell you the tale. This is a story that spans 33 years and includes not only the victories but also the down right ugly stuff that happened along the way. Join him as he walks you through projects for brands like Nike, ESPN and Target showing you his process as well as behind the scenes stories and photos. Peters loves design. He loves to make it, hunt for it, document it, write about it and most importantly – he loves to talk about it.


Below is a design I did for the Houston Conference. It’s getting letterpress printed by the good folks at Workhorse. I’ll dribbble some pics when it’s all done. It’ll be printed on French Lemon Drop Pop Tone paper (bright yellow paper) and the grey is silver ink. I believe they’re giving them out to the attendees.

For those of you who can’t make it, I’m going to try to shoot a video of at least one of these lectures and I’ll be sure to post it on vimeo when I do.



Inside Job 2013: Poster Teaser from AIGA Houston on Vimeo.

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