I’m starting a new series call “Who Inspires You”. Rather then a standard interview, I instead ask some of my favorite designers to share the people who drive them to make better work. Then I dig up images to help tell the story to you guys.
Here’s what Jon had to say:
“Hey Allan! Here’s a handful of my favorite lettering artists. My absolute favorites are from pre-1940s though and I don’t even know their names. I love historical even more than contemporary, unfortunately it’s next to impossible to even find out who any of the artists were.
These are the guys who are major inspirations”:

Herb Lubalin

Doyald Young

Michael Doret

Grotesk (Kimou Meyer)

Ray Fenwick

Ken Barber

Ale Paul

“And these are some of my favorite working today:”

Erik Marinovich

Matthew Tapia

Ged Palmer

Serge “Lowrider”


Gemma O’Brien

Sergey Shapiro

Dan Cassaro

Mary Kate McDevitt

Jeff Rogers

Joseph Ari Aloi (JK5)

Niels Shoe Muelman


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