So check this out: We sold our house. We’ve moved everything in our Attic along with about a billion posters into my Garage. Why you ask? Because this weekend we’re throwing what could go down in history as the most EPIC garage sale in history. I’m talking everything from Coach purses to Master P CDs. The best part is that it will be part of a massive annual neighborhood garage sale. When you’re done at our place you can walk to 50 other sales all within a six block radius.

Here’s the kicker – I’ll be selling all of the below screen printed posters for a measly 15 dollars. These things retail for 40. Have I gone crazy you ask? Yup.

Here are the deets:

HUGE Multi-Family Garage Sale
5247 10th Ave S
Fri 9-3
Sat 8-4
Screen Printed Posters
Crate & Barrel
Coach Purses
Banana Republic



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