The show is tomorrow!

Charles gave me the ok to post the full line up. There are some rad prints up in this collection. This post should help you figure out what prints to pick up so that you can make sure you have 300-400 dollars cash on you this Saturday ;)  Here are the deets for the show link.

I may have missed a few. If I did, I’m sorry. These are all the prints he had when I dropped mine off this weekend.

(I know I’m missing Anne’s and Aaron’s for sure)


Here’s a list of the artists:

  • Aaron Purmort
  • Adam Hoganson
  • Adam Martin
  • Adam Toht
  • Adam Turman
  • Allan Peters
  • Allegra Lockstadt & Chris. Alday
  • Anne Ulku
  • Ben Nylen
  • Bill Moran
  • Boxy Mouse
  • Brian Geihl
  • Brian Hurley
  • Brock Davis
  • Carla Zetina
  • Chad Olson
  • David Schwen
  • Eric Drommerhausen
  • Erik Hamline
  • Greg Brose
  • Greg Gossel
  • Gustav Holtz
  • Hannah Johnson
  • Joe Hrabe
  • Johnny Quinine
  • Kevin Hayes
  • Lindsey Wright
  • Maranatha Wilson
  • Natalie Wynings
  • Nate Johannes
  • Patrice Soehnlein
  • Paul Afong
  • Phil Jones
  • Pseudo Manitou
  • Ross Bruggink
  • Sam Michaels
  • Sean Cooley
  • Todd Zerger
  • Trent Edwards
  • Wink























































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