We just wrapped up a full modular branding system for Kwikbit. I’m often asked about our process and so I’d though I’d share this full case study.

The client was struggling with their old logo for a few reasons:
+ It was a very vertical shape that didn’t work well with many square and circular formats required by social media as well as many mobile applications.
+ The typography was very organic and didn’t have the feeling of a modern tech brand.
+ The color was unoriginal and muted in comparison with some of their silicon valley competitors

We start by working to create a brand noun list with the client. We keep it between 10-15 words. Every word is a descriptor of what the logo icon could be.

Once we have the brand noun list established, we jump into sketches. I always promise my clients 10-15 sketches. These sketches are combinations of the brand noun list.

The client then narrows down to their top 3 sketches that they’d like us to explore.

We then take those sketches and jump into digital logos. We create a full modular logo system for each sketch option. We start to explore both typography as well as color that compliment the icon.

The client then narrows down to one digital logo and we move into 2 rounds or revisions.

In this case, we focused on a large color exploration as well as a typographic exploration. The client was looking for ways to show speed in the typography without making cheesy and italic. The solution was to mimic the angle of the “w” cut in the “i” dots. This subtle change ads quite a bit of movement in a subtle way.

The final brand system is an evolution of the old mark. It fixes the original problems with the proportions and color.

The icon shows speed, flexibility and a subtle K. It’s easy to use, looks good in a square or circle and if function as a gradient of color as well as all white.

We created not only the logo but also complimentary typography choices, a color system, patterns and branded graphics.

Feel free to reach out with any questions in the comment section below or just shoot me an email: allan@allanpeters.com

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