AIGA Portfolio 1 on 1 was this last weekend. I had the pleasure of speaking on the panel Friday night as well as a chance to review books on Saturday. It was a great experience and I hope the advice I gave will help some of you to find jobs in the field.

I met a lot of great people and collected a handful of business cards. I took the time to review all of the URLs this morning and I made a list of links below as well as a feature on Abby Haddican who had the best midwest student portfolio this year (in this designer’s humble opinion).




Abby Haddican:

Out of all of the portfolios I saw, the one that blew me away was scholarship winner and CVA grad Abby Haddican. She has strong conceptual thinking, excellent illustration and solid type. Give this lady 3-5 years in the field working on big brands with big budgets and you’re going to see the next famous Minnesota designer.





CVA 9 Staff Guidebook:






Immortal Accessories:



Undercover Book Jackets:




Here are a few other books that stood out to me:

Beth Sicheneder
Claire Marrinan
Matthew C. Paul
Laura Jill Budinger

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